Elon Musk says AI future has ‘no jobs’ in it as ‘magic genie’ will replace all human roles

Elon Musk says AI future has 'no jobs

In an exclusive gathering at Lancaster House, London, Elon Musk delved into the future landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), envisioning a world where human labor might no longer hold relevance. He metaphorically likened AI to a “magic genie,” capable of superseding human roles and making traditional employment redundant.

Musk’s discourse contemplated a future where AI could potentially perform all tasks, relegating human involvement to personal choice rather than necessity. He posed a poignant question: as work ceases to be an essential part of life, how would individuals find purpose and meaning?

Addressing the pressing need for safety protocols, Musk emphasized the imperative inclusion of an “off switch” in robots and AI systems. His concerns stemmed from the possibility of AI turning unfriendly due to software updates, highlighting the importance of preventing invasive AI behaviors.

During the event, Musk explored the diverse applications of AI, envisioning its role as an educational tutor and proposing a model of universal high income as an alternative to universal basic income. He delved into the concept of AI companions, specifically designed for individuals struggling with social interactions. Musk engaged in a thought-provoking conversation with Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, delving into the intricate facets of AI development and its societal implications.

London emerged as a significant hub in the realm of AI innovation, second only to San Francisco, a fact Musk ardently applauded. He underscored the historical significance of the event and praised Sunak’s initiative in inviting China to participate, acknowledging the global impact of AI development.

The discourse underscored AI’s transformative potential in reshaping the future of work, urging society to grapple with ethical considerations in the relentless pursuit of technological advancement.