How to increase productivity? Snapchat did this by ‘firing’ 20 product managers

How to increase productivity Snapchat did this by 'firing' 20 product managers
How to increase productivity Snapchat did this by 'firing' 20 product managers

Amidst a restructuring endeavor, Snapchat, the American multimedia instant messaging app, has undergone a nuanced personnel realignment, bidding farewell to nearly 20 product managers. This strategic move, as reported by The Information, is geared towards augmenting operational efficiency.

In recent months, a succession of workforce departures unfolded in tandem with the company’s broader reorganization efforts. However, it’s noteworthy that the magnitude of this restructuring pales in comparison to the preceding year, marked by the termination of 1,300 employees.

An official spokesperson communicated to Engadget that these workforce adjustments were orchestrated to streamline the decision-making apparatus. The affected individuals, positioned between the echelons of lower-level employees and higher-level managers, were deemed as catalysts for expediting the decision-making process.

An alternative rationale for these layoffs alludes to the fiscal prudence of the company, earmarking resources for its “core priorities.” Notably, Snapchat reported a noteworthy 5% upswing in revenue during the third quarter of 2023, reaching a milestone of $1.19 billion, a six-month high.

Despite this financial stride, the advertising facet of the business faces headwinds. Snapchat forewarned its stakeholders of a downturn in advertising activities across social networks, attributing it to an influx of misinformation amid the prevailing geopolitical tensions in the Middle East.

It’s imperative to underscore that these workforce adjustments will exert no influence on the features or products offered by Snapchat. The focus remains resolute on sustaining operational efficiency and safeguarding the core offerings of the platform.